Friday Dispatch: New Kits in Stock!

june 2013 253

One of my favourite summer pastimes is concocting new ways to stay hydrated. I tend to forget to drink enough water, so instead I make up new blends of sodas, sparkling water, and fruit juices. Sometimes it’s just the sound of ice cubes and a twist of lime that makes plain old water seem more exciting. Last year I bought a Cuppow – a BPA-free plastic lid insert that turns any standard wide-mouth mason jar into a super fantastic drinking jar – and it’s been a staple in my beverage armory every since.

june 2013 254

Thus, the Drinking-Jar-Cozy kit was invented! It’s a wide-mouth mason jar, a skein of feltable Noro Kureyon yarn, a pattern for knitting and felting a cozy, and a Cuppow! The original hard lid for the jar is also included, so you can seal your beverage while in transit, and swap it out for the Cuppow once you’ve reached your destination! (I bring iced coffee to work by bike in this way all the time)

june 2013 047

Once felted, the cozy is a perfect blank canvas for embroidery or needlefelting – make it your own unique creation! I attempted a seagull (shown above), but I think his head to body to legs ratios need a little tweaking. He’s a work in progress!

june 2013 255

Also included in the pattern leaflet are my own favourite recipes for iced coffee and sparkling limeade – just in case you need some new beverage ideas. 😉

june 2013 199

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, we also have kits for Carol Sunday‘s lovely “Clair de Lune” pattern, a short-sleeved open-front shrug based on her previous “Pachelbel” shawl pattern. I first posted about this pattern a couple months ago, and I cast this on as soon as I received a shipment of Fleece Artist’s Sea Wool (70% Merino, 30% Seacell), shown here in “Smoke”.

june 2013 173.

Knit from side to side in one piece, with just a little sleeve finishing and two sleeve seams to sew at the end, this was a surprisingly speedy knit (taking only a couple weeks of steady work), and while it looks complicated, the instructions are clear. I generally prefer charted lace work, and while this pattern does include a chart, it really requires working from the written instructions. I found the look of the pattern a little intimidating at first, but once I actually started knitting I found it very easy to follow – funny how our brains trick us sometimes, isn’t it?

june 2013 261

And now packs of the beautiful Fleece Artist Sea Wool are available in a variety of soft, tonal colourways. The pattern is available through Ravelry’s buy-instore program, so when you buy a kit I will buy the pattern through Ravelry so that you can get a backup .pdf copy sent to your email address, just in case you spill sparkling limeade on your printed copy (it *is* summer afterall!).

june 2013 258

And my sample is hanging out in the shop on our new dressform, at least for as long as I can stand not wearing it… so maybe you should hurry? 😉


Have a great weekend everyone! Summer is here, let’s enjoy it while it lasts!


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